Sports Authority of India

A Study Report of Anxiety state and Personality Profile of various categories of Sports Persons of Sports Authority of India (North east Sub Center, Guwahati)

Introduction :
Very often it is observed that attitude and temperament of sportsman fluctuates. As for example, a football player is looses presence of mind or temperament in front of the opposition goal in the final game. A boxer, who is performing well in the practice sessions but loosing the game in the final meet inspite of his capacity to win the game. An athlete starts late due to poor reaction time, as a result tends to loose the target. A good player of any discipline when given the captainship of his team, sometimes, shows deterioration in his performance, which tends to rub off on the teammates also. On the other hand is the player who when selected to the captainship of the team shows improvement and enhancement in his performance as well as inspiring his teammates. These observations raise a question as to where does the difference lies and for that matter Why this difference?

A player who is suffering from high anxiety, feelings of insecurity, Agoraphobia or who is overloaded with emotions (Emotional immaturity) tends to loose his or her game temperament, reducing their reaction time an in turn the overall performance level. A sports person may be a good performer in his or her discipline, but this does not necessarily mean that he will be a good captain e.g. Leadership qualities. A good captain must have proper knowledge regarding the personality traits, patterns, and performance levels of each and every team member to help enhance and improve their performance levels of each and every team member to help enhance and improve their performance level. A good captainship or leadership always increases the total team spirit.

Overall, from the above discussion, it has been found that there are various psychological factors to be taken into consideration to a make good and quality sportsman which, in turn, will serve greater interest also, that is, our country India will perform much better in national and international meet.

Aims of the Study :
Aim of the present study is to find out the anxiety level and personality profile of different sports persons of Sports Authority of India North East Sub-Center, Guwahati.

Methods :

Tools :
1. Sinha’s comprehensive anxiety test (SCAT)
2. D.A.P Test

Subjects :
73 sports people of S.T.C. Guwahati (26 Boxers, Junior and Sub-junior campers, 6 Boxers hostel inmates, 22 Footballers, 6 Weight lifters and 13 Athletes), 28 sports people of S.T.C. Golaghat (17 Footballers and 11 Athletes), 39 sports people of S.T.C. Shillong (13 Athletes, 8 Boxers and 18 Footballers) were for this study.

Procedure :
The tests were administered to the subjects in two successive sessions, one is a group session another is an individual session. At first, SCAT was administered to the subjects’ in group discussion following standard instructions of the tests. After completion of the SCAT, each subject was administered D.A.P. test following the standard instructions of the tests.

Results and Decision :
Result score indicates that out of 26 boxers (Junior & Sub Junior campers) of STC Guwahati, only 4 Boxers have comparatively less anxiety level (approaching optimal level which is necessary for their best performance level) and rest 22 boxers are suffering from high anxiety level.

Result score of the other inmates of STC Guwahati indicates that out of 47 sports persons, 9 people have comparatively lesser anxiety level and other 38 people showed higher anxiety level.

Result score of sports people of STC Shillong indicates that 15 people belonged to comparatively high anxiety group and 24 people belonged to comparatively low (approaching optimal level) anxiety group considered as better performer. Only one has identified as having depressive features.

Personality profile reveals that the “high anxiety level” principally caused by feelings of insecurity, high fantasy which is beyond the capability level, poor reality orientation, emotional immaturity, obsessional traits, average (dull normal) I.Q. level and a s a result creating inferiority complex and loosing positive mental attitude to achieve their goal.

Optimum anxiety which is necessary to reach to one’s goal is due to better reality orientation (less identity crisis), controlled emotions, better I.Q. level and optimism results in positive mental attitude to fight with the hard reality.

Management :
1. Psychological counseling (both individual and group sessions) to help the sports people to come out from their problems and to enable them to cope up existing reality, in turn, to assist to help them to perform their level best.

2. Behaviour therapy (practicing relaxation, using bio feedback techniques and other psychotherapeutic aids).

3. Psychological counseling and guidance to all the coaches (group sessions and individual sessions).

4. Periodic workshop on psychotherapeutic intervention and utilization of psychological aids.

Suggestions :
Further specific assessments (special ability and aptitude) for each and every discipline of the sports, leadership qualities for the selection of proper and ideal captain and other psychological properties may be done.