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May 11, 2003

30th June, 2002

19 th July 2001
Health Care - Educational Therapy

A recent News week article states that 42% of parents believe there is great need for children to receive private outside tutoring.

Why is it so? A variety of reason surfaces really. Many parents are looking for the basics as a counter measure to educational innovations in the last 30 years. Some are willing to build up their child's self esteem with individual attention. Others are looking for their children to get ahead through "preliteracy" and enhancement programmes.

But what if your children has a learning disability and tutoring did not work?

But we have done tutoring.

Why did not it work ?……..

What is the difference between tutoring and educational therapy?

Is it ever too late?

The answer is it's never too late.

March, 2001
Calcutta, Monday, September 11,2000
Medical package for school children

By Krishnendu Bandopadhyay, The Times of India Service

CALCUTTA : A ready ambulance, half yearly health check up, personal medical report carrying blood group and Rh factor, personal identity cards with important details, group insurance for individual students - sounds too good to be true? Project Guardian, a unique package for schoolchildren has been prepared by the Calcutta based National Institute of Behavioural Sciences.

Dr. Kedar Ranjan Banerjee, a psychiatrist, conceived the project. Speaking of his experience during a NIBS survey in different schools to determine average child health, he says : Most schoolchildren, irrespective of their academic standard, are exposed to health hazards and prone to accidents".

The death of five year old Pragya Dalmiya within the premises of a central Calcutta school reaffirms Banerjee's idea of helplessness of kids in school………..Against a subscription of Rs. 480 per year, the facilities of Project Guardian can be availed of by any student. Besides medical services and insurance, each student can have regular pathological test at confessional rate. The medical report drawn up gives a clear picture about the disease a student already has. This would help the attending doctor.", Banerjee adds……Card holders can also get tele counseling services, optional psychometric report, lists of specialists, health awareness programmes plus first aid classes in schools for both students and teachers. Empirical evidences, Banerjee claims, showed that most of us are not properly informed that affect children in their formative years.
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