Check your Mental Health - Stress Level
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1 I have to do a lot of work daily
2 The available information relating to my work and its outcomes are vague and insufficient
3 My superior often gives contradictory instructions regarding my works
4 Sometimes it becomes complied problem for me to make adjustment between political/group pressures and instructions
5 Most of my suggestions are heeded and implemented
6 My decisions and instructions are properly followed
7 I have to work with persons whom I like
8 My works are monotonous nature
9 Every body do care for my self respect
10 I get less compensation in comparison to the quantum of my labour/work
11 I do my work under tense circumstances
12 The objectives of my work role are quite clear and adequately planned
13 I have to do some work unwillingly owing to certain pressure
14 I am responsible for the future of a number of persons
15 My co-operation is frequently sought in solving problems
16 Some of my colleagues and friend try to defame and malign me as unsuccessful
17 I get ample opportunity to utilize my abilities and experience independently
18 I am seldom rewarded for my hard labour and efficient performance
19 Some of my work are quite risky and complicated
20 I have to dispose off my work hurriedly owing to excessive work load
21 I am not provided with clear instructions and sufficient facilities regarding the new works trusted to me
22 I bear the great responsibility for the progress and prosperity
23 My opinions are sought in farming important policies
24 I get ample opportunity to develop my aptitude and proficiency properly
25 I often feel that the surroundings has made my life cumbersome
26 Being too busy with work I am not able to devote sufficient time to my domestic and personal problems
27 It is not clear that what type of work and behaviour my relatives expect from me
28 My suggestgions and co-operation are not sought in solving problems for which I am quite competent
29 I have to do such work as ought to be done by others
30 I am unable to carry out my duties to my satisfaction on account of excessive load of work and lack of time
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